Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Holocast Memorial Event in Brixton Hill

Lambeth Council is hosting its annual Holocaust Memorial Day Event this Sunday.

It will take place in the Assembly Hall of Lambeth Town Hall (Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW) on Sunday 25 January 2009 at 3 – 4.30pm.

The theme of this years event is "Stand Up to Hatred".

In Lambeth, we can all choose to Stand Up To Hatred and:

  • Refuse to stand by and allow others to commit acts of hatred

  • Recognise the language of hatred.

  • Challenge newspapers and public figures when they are using the language of hatred.

  • Stop using language which is discriminatory and stop others when we hear them doing the same.

  • Recognise when hate crime is taking place and report it

  • Recognise that a crime does not have to be committed for hatred to be expressed

  • Learn from history that the ultimate result of unchecked and unchallenged hatred, prejudice, discrimination and racism is genocide.

On Holocaust Memorial Day 2009 make the choice to Stand Up To Hatred.

For more information see: http://www.hmd.org.uk/.

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